Marketing is all around us. We are exposed to various forms of marketing daily. Turn on a television or tune into a radio broadcast and advertisers hit the public with details about a hot new product or service. This is a type of consumer marketing that reaches every media outlet. Business marketing is very similar. This type of marketing is primarily directed at another business. One business is trying to encourage another business to try their services or products. This type of marketing is intense and usually targets a very small group of business owners or companies.

Consumer marketing uses popular outlets to reach the consumer, for example, ads in magazines and newspapers, messages on billboards, commercials on television and radio and social media campaigns. Business marketing uses a different type of strategy to reach their chosen targets. Commonly, they will advertise in trade publications, send direct mail or even contact the company directly by telephone or email, participate in indusry events, or run a digital campaign on relevant websites or portgals.

If you are the owner of a small to medium sized enterprise, your most important responsibility is bringing in business. However, in the current marketplace where competition is so fierce, when do you have time to evaluate how your company is viewed in the marketplace?

For most small and medium sized businesses, the leaders of these companies consider themselves fortunate if they can find eight hours every week to devote to the many public relations needs of their businesses. Unfortunately, if a company is not dedicating time to being visible in the media and on the Internet, then it's in grave danger of falling behind its competitors. That is where a public relations firm comes into the picture.

All businesses, in addition to sending out weekly or monthly press releases, should have a blog and a presence on appropriate social media platforms. If your business is not sending out a weekly or monthly press release to either the media outlets or some industry commentators then you need to start looking for a public relations firm for your company.