Getting your message across in terms that you readers and clients understand and appreciate is not always the easiest task. In Part 1, we touched on effective use of simple language. This is a minefield that many executives fall into when they are writing reports on for example, how their investors' investments have done.

However, your marketing company can fall into a similar trap. Sometimes, there is a tendency to overcomplicate things.

Keep It Simple

It is not uncommon for companies to hire marketing and public relations experts or to outsource their public relations to other companies. Here are some tips for ensuring the effective use of simple language for marketing and public relations communications.

Warren Buffett’s example

Warren Buffett wrote an annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway's shareholders reporting on the state of the shares.

There are two kinds of businesses in the world, those that sell to consumers and those that sell to other businesses. Business to consumer marketing (B2C) is well known, you see advertisements on television and see billboards along the roads, but business to business marketing (B2B) is a different kettle of fish altogether.

The primary difference between business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing is the mind-set that you need to have. For the most part, the sales made to other businesses are of higher value than those made to consumers. The products will be ordered in higher quantities and higher levels of service will be demanded. The number of sales will also typically be lower in number than business to consumer sales. It is vital that you bear this in mind when examining your return on investment.

Private companies and investment firms are permitted to advertise the fact that they are looking for investors. This requires a very special sort of advertising and marketing. There are a few important considerations that marketing companies should pay attention to if this is something that their clients would like to look into.




When marketing companies start a campaign for an investment opportunity,

As with all types of business, if marketing and advertising companies do not move with the times they will find that they will soon be 'eaten up' by their competition. Marketing and advertising companies are now finding that, with each passing year, their efforts must adapt or face the possibility that they will produce less results. There are a number of reasons for this and as a marketer or advertiser you need to understand where many companies are failing and learn from their mistakes.