Effective communications in any company is of utmost importance and this is especially true in start up and small businesses. Small businesses and start up businesses often do not have the funds needed to launch big advertising campaigns and so more emphasis needs to be put on communications and public relations. A communications company can help put your company on the map by using tools other than advertising at a much lower cost.

Here are a few good reasons why you should hire a communications company to help you build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

The latest digital marketing agency news is that there has been a faster growth of ad sponsored content than expected in 2013. In one year from 2012 to 2013 a 22.1 % boost was experienced and this growth is expected to continue up until 2017. Advertisers have spent $ 1.88 billion on sponsored content this year and this spending is forecast to increase to $3.08 billion by 2017.

So why is content marketing spending increasing?

Moving with the times as a business owner means that you need to be actively marketing your company on the internet. Marketing agencies in Johannesburg can help your company go digital in an age where growth and continued success is dependent on it.

How does marketing differ now to what it was in years before?

Technology has changed the way in which we do business and it has also changed the methods used by marketers to market products and services. These days if larger corporations do not keep up with technology and the new ways of doing business they will fall by the way side, no matter how good their products or services are. With increasing competition and ever changing purchasing behaviours, a corporation which does not move with the times will simply not be able to survive. Disciplines such as enterprise marketing aim at keep companies abreast of the new ways of engaging with their target audience.

A marketing agency can be thought of as your creative ally in developing your corporate brand and then presenting that brand to the rest of the world. In order for a brand to be marketed successfully online there are a number of components which need to work together in harmony.

Now, if you are familiar with some of the aspects of marketing you are familiar with the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Marketers use this as a guideline in order to create marketing plans and if they get the right mix they should be successful in their efforts. Well, that used to be the assumption, these days it requires more than just product, price, place and promotion to market products.

The change

With the changes in technology and the move to digital, marketers have needed to change the way they market. A marketing agency which does not adapt to the new ways of marketing will struggule to deliver a good service to their clients and will soon lose market share.

The change has occurred because marketing is no longer a one way communication from the business to the consumer. Due to social networks and greater discussions online, consumers have more say and are also more prone to listen to third party appraisals of a company or product. Consumers have also become desensitised to traditional advertisements and promotions, opting for more content driven material when searching online. This of course changes the way marketers structure their messages.