P and P targets the financial community, ranging from large corporates to medium size companies to small enterprises. We liaise with existing and prospective shareholders, investment analysts, the media and other key role players through roadshows, presentations, site visits and other interactions. This includes presentations to the Investment Analyst Society as well as conferences and announcements based on JSE requirements. We devise a programme according to client needs such as listings, year-end results, annual reports and investor relations. We are also able to build the image of a company prior to a new listing as well as post listing. We are also able to generate interest in subsidiaries prior to a sale. This service includes the preparation of written material such as annual reports, company brochures, prospectuses and launch documents, as well as assistance in the preparation of presentations. The benefits of good investor relations include defence against a possible takeover, reduced funding costs and the ability to broaden the shareholder base.

P and P has formed long term partnerships with experts within the financial services sector, often partnering on projects to provide maximum value for its clients.

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