Increase your B2B sales

P and P has developed a way to integrate PR, online and advertising to enable our clients to:

  • Improve the quality of sales leads
  • Increase their bottom line sales
  • Increase brand exposure
  • Provide cost effective opportunities for of top of mind exposure
  • Assist our clients to sell complex products and concepts successfully
  • Enhance brand value over time
  • Drive thought leadership in relevant industries
  • Change market perceptions
  • Enhance current market offerings

Compelling PR creates initial trust

P and P’s PR division creates insightful and compelling content to drive interest and awareness while the online and advertising division would drive the hard selling messages. Using these tools and  media in tandem, (we call it our “Integrated Toolbox”) P and P creates communication campaigns that integrate and leverage off each other to create an impactful campaign that addresses all the touch points of a specific target market and in essence, drives sales. 

How do we measure the success?

The most powerful aspect of our approach is the ability to put measurement tools in place to ascertain the effectiveness of a campaign, and how it contributes to the bottom line. Want to increase sales, drive brand equity or change a market perception of your company? Do you need an industry expert who can advise you where most of your sales leads are coming from?