Balance Awareness and Credibility in Marketing Public Relations

There is some conjecture that credibility has less value than awareness when it comes to marketing public relations communications. Yet most companies want to have good reviews. This is because credibility does have value when it comes to marketing. Bad publicity is not something that any company wants and the adage ‘any publicity is good publicity’ doesn’t really cut! Few people will want to do business with companies that are featured in bad publicity statements.

How does one determine the worth and value of credibility in marketing public relations?

This is a very tricky topic. Although there are a number of measurement systems available to the public relations industry, there is no truly reliable way to calculate the value of credibility. There are always a lot of assumptions about the tone of an article and the extrapolated value assigned to the credibility the article provides is based on those assumptions. The value reached is objective, but may not be totally accurate.

Another option that can be used in calculating the value of credibility in marketing public relations is the use of focus groups and surveys. There are naturally a number of different influences in this option that need to be accounted for that will affect the results of the study.

The balancing act of marketing public relations

Credibility and awareness are both vital to the marketing public relations campaign for any company. The trick is to reach a balance between the two. Various tactics need to be weighed and a good middle line needs to be found. Dozens of mentions of a company may bring good awareness, but one publication in a credible medium will do wonders for the company’s credibility.

The goal of every marketing public relations company should be to find and maintain that balance. That balance may shift with time. A problem within the company may cause bad publicity which will need to be counteracted with credibility boosting efforts. The launch of a new product may require more effort being put into awareness. A marketing public relations company and campaign must be variable and adjustable in order to succeed.