Valuable Social Media Tasks and PR Management

Part of successful PR management is making sure that your client’s news and information gets in front of as many people as possible. Social media is a major tool in accomplishing this. Here are three social media tasks that can really add a lot of value to PR management.

Make sharing automatic

If you are releasing a new press release you should share it on your LinkedIn company page as a matter of course. This is something that many business owners forget and a good PR management company should remind them or take over the job for them. Not only does this activity spread the word about the press release to those who are connected on LinkedIn, but it can also increase the company’s credibility. The same process should be followed with any press mentions that the company gathers.

Share on your client’s behalf

As a PR management consultant, you are normally privy to your clients’ newsletters. You can help their PR along a good deal by simply sharing the newsletter on Facebook when it hits your inbox. This should be done on the company’s Facebook page, not your own. But doing this for them can take a load off their plates and let them get on with doing what they do best.


Another aspect of PR management is to keep tabs on what is being published about your client. If you manage to get an article published, comment on the article and start a conversation about it. Just be sure that the comment adds value to the article and allows the author to expand on an idea. This will endear the author to you and they may publish more articles about your clients. The activity is also good for SEO and can help to push the article up in the search rankings.

There is a lot that you can do as part of your PR management tasks that do not take a lot of time but do add a lot of value to your clients’ public relations efforts. The more boost you can give them, the better!