Integrated Services

P and P has spearheaded the integrated approach to communications, and demonstrated how this approach can be incorporated successfully into an organisation internally as well as externally. With a comprehensive marketing ‘toolbox’ at its disposal, P and P creates communications campaigns, campaigns that utilise a combination of the most appropriate and relevant tools from PR and advertising disciplines. These campaigns are built according to a client’s business plan and budget.

Depending on the clients ultimate goal, a product launch will include the following ‘tools’ from the communication toolbox: Print, broadcast and online media release and interviews; an event; print and online ad campaign; social media, e-newsletters to both staff and customers, a mini site on the website, SEO, Google Ad Words and printed collateral. P and P will research, strategise and will customise all the tools at their disposal to create a campaign that addresses all the touch points of a specific target market. The most powerful aspect of an integrated campaign is the ability to put measurement tools in place to ascertain the effectiveness of the campaign, and how it contributes to the bottom line.

Through many successful campaigns we’ve proven that more content is better than less. Through the integration of appropriate and targeted social media, we are able to build your audience and feed them different information at different times. The inclusion of Google Plus, Twitter, Evly and various other portals, we are able to take your personalised campaign to new levels.

For an in-depth demo of an integrated campaign, contact Trish