Integrated Communications

 Integrated Communications

It took P and P a while to understand what it was really good at and what differentiated its services in the PR agency space.  It was something that we’d been doing for years, and it just made sense. And it was really quite simple.  We ensure that all the communications that go out to the market place talk the same message but in a different way. And by integrating the messaging across the different platforms, it’s so much more powerful.

The platform in a sense is irrelevant as they change as technology evolves, but it’s leveraging the different communication tools effectively to tell your story. And while telling your story, you need to touch your audience at every possible point, obviously within budget constraints.

The divide between the different marketing platforms has converged and the fine line between advertising, PR, direct marketing and other methods has become blurred.


P and P has embraced this merging of technologies and platforms by bringing truly integrated communications to clients, specifically in the B2B space.  We were doing this naturally, but once we identified this as our core strength, we’ve developed and refined our capabilities.

An example of an integrated campaign goes something like this… we look at all the ‘tools’ from what we call our “communication toolbox” and then decide which combination we use for your specific enterprise based on your business plan and objectives. So it might be:  print and web media release; broadcast media interviews; a focussed customer event; a targeted print and online advertising campaign; elements of social media (e.g. a Facebook page and twitter campaign); e-newsletters to both your staff and customers; a mini site on your main website where everything links to:  SEO, Google Ad Words and printed collateral.

The most powerful aspect of an integrated campaign is the ability to put measurement tools in place to ascertain the effectiveness of the campaign, and how it contributes to the bottom line. And we can give you lots of intelligent analysis here to let you know how the campaign rated!

If you want us to do a proposal for you on how to use the integrated communications approach to get measurable results, then ‘phone me on +27 11 447 3511. My name is Trish and I’m the MD of P and P –

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