P and P Drives Integration across Disciplines

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P and P Drives Integration across Disciplines

30th November 2011 – Johannesburg – P and P Communications (P and P), a focussed leading business-to- business communications’ agency, has revamped its website to more accurately reflect its integrated services.

Started in 1984 P and P has evolved from being a public relations agency to a full integrated communications firm offering public relations, online, advertising and events. P and P is one of the few agencies in southern Africa that specialises in business-to-business communications.

According to Trish Pichulik, md of P and P, B2B communications is a highly specialised field, where you need to understand the dynamics, as well as the media playing field and how to address these sectors.

“Often our clients have multiple target markets, so we need to drill down and address all these vertical bands in order to market their products and services effectively”, says Pichulik. P and P has extensive experience in the technology and industrial B2B space, handling large multinational blue-chip companies, as well as high impact SME companies.

“We take a novel approach by looking at all the touch points of a company, and then using a mix of all the relevant marketing tools to reach them, from PR, advertising, online to events, as well as new media and ensuring that everything dovetails to leverage maximum impact,” she adds.

According to Pichulik, gone are the days where advertising, PR and other marketing tools exist in silos. “The dividing line has disappeared. To be truly effective, you need to embrace all tools in an integrated way and use them collectively to create impact. This also includes embracing the new media and integrating it into the media fold.”


Contact Nono or Trish at P and P Communications on 011 447 3511