A Public Relations Company is not an Advertising Agency

As a business owner, you need to communicate with your target market. Your target market needs to be notified of any new services or products that you have on offer as well as any changes that you are making or event that you are part of. The way to do this is through a public relations company.

Public Relations is the practice of controlling the flow of information between an organisation or an individual and the public. Exposure to their target market is what a public relations company offers to an individual or and organization.

The relationship between advertising and public relations may be confusing at times. Both these practices use various approaches to generate brand awareness. Advertising is a blatant display of a company’s services or products with a call to action involving purchasing or utilising the product or service.

Public relations is a more subtle approach, which influences the audience through a third party endorsement. This endorsement is often done by a media outlet. This tends to give credibility to the service or product. Instead of pushing out purchase oriented message or theme, it puts a problem and the company’s solution into the public eye.

It is far better to have your public relations company and advertising agency work together. The public’s scepticism diminishes when they have already heard about you or have read an article about you and thus will be less likey to dismiss your advertising efforts.

Many of the stories which you see on television or hear on the radio or read in newspapers have been released to reporters by a public relations company. A public relations company can also advise clients about the launch of a product and ease its introduction into the market by releasing information about the product’s development to the media to pique curiosity. Once the adverts for the product are released, the public will be on the lookout for it and so will be primed to buy.

Advertising and public relations work well together and together, leverage off each other, and give you a lot more value for your money.