Consumer and Business Marketing

Marketing is all around us. We are exposed to various forms of marketing daily. Turn on a television or tune into a radio broadcast and advertisers hit the public with details about a hot new product or service. This is a type of consumer marketing that reaches every media outlet. Business marketing is very similar. This type of marketing is primarily directed at another business. One business is trying to encourage another business to try their services or products. This type of marketing is intense and usually targets a very small group of business owners or companies.

Consumer marketing uses popular outlets to reach the consumer, for example, ads in magazines and newspapers, messages on billboards, commercials on television and radio and social media campaigns. Business marketing uses a different type of strategy to reach their chosen targets. Commonly, they will advertise in trade publications, send direct mail or even contact the company directly by telephone or email, participate in indusry events, or run a digital campaign on relevant websites or portgals.

Essentially, this was one of the best strategies to reach this targeted market. Marketing is simply about getting the message across to the right audience. Marketers realise that it pays big dividends to know which advertising or marketing method is most effective at reaching that audience.

Of course, most marketers do not have a crystal ball and cannot accurately predict which business marketing method is going to be most effective. Consequently, they devise a marketing strategy to measure success offline and online.

With the development of the internet, Search Engine Marketing strategies play a big part in business marketing. Companies work hard to optimise their business website for the popular search engines. This is to encourage a high ranking in those popular search engines. Higher ranking on the search engines is one of best marketing tool on the Internet. To complement Search Engine Marketing, many businesses place paid for adverts on Google, called Pay-per-Click. Consequently, it takes a deep understanding about search engines and how they operate. It also takes a thorough understanding concerning the type of keywords that those business people would use to find a similar site.

Marketing has certainly gone through dramatic changes over the last decade. This is due to technology and the popularity of the Internet. The Internet will continue to play a strong role in future business marketing strategies.