What Exactly Do Public Relations Consultants Do?

If you’ve just opened a new business or want to give your current company a new image, it may be a good idea to hire a public relations consultant. However, before you make your final decision about the professional that is best for your business, you should know what a typical workday for a public relations consultant looks like. This will help you to have realistic expectations for your public relations consultant and will give you a better idea of where you want to take your company from a marketing standpoint.

Public Image

The main role of public relations consultants is to portray your company in a positive light. This can entail anything from writing press releases to let consumers know about a new product or service your company is promoting. The public relations company ensures that potential and established clients view your company as reputable and qualified.

If your product or service is featured at a community event or trade show, the public relations consultant you’ve selected is responsible for making sure your booth is especially attractive. He/she should also have a wealth of printed material to give to guests that thoroughly explains your company’s objective and services.

Organising Events

In addition to making sure you are represented well at events your company is invited to, public relations consultants also organise events that are sponsored by your business. For instance, if you just opened a new bakery location and want to have a grand opening where customers can taste creative desserts and win prizes from other local retailers, your public relations consultant is in charge of putting the event together for you.

Consultants should be sending out social media alerts and promotional emails to inform customers of the event. The grand opening should also be heavily advertised on your website, and the consultant should contact local TV and radio stations to organise an interview.

The role of public relations consultants is very multi-faceted, but these are a select few of the basic qualifications you should be looking for when you need a team to represent you. It’s a good idea to check the portfolio and work history of each consultant you’re considering to get a feel for his/her strategies and success rate before you connect with the public relations company that will help move your business forward.