Effective Communication, Part 3: Marketing Companies in Johannesburg Overcomplicating Things?

It has been found that using plain English, not the English of PHDs, is a very effective writing tool. No one likes to be made to feel stupid and feeling the need to look up the meaning of every second word can definitely make someone feel irritated. You will quickly lose a large portion of your readership as they simply do not have the time and energy to wade through your complex language.

For example, it’s important that writers working for marketing companies in Johannesburg for the technology sector, should have a good general understanding of the industry and drivers, but they don’t need to be technically competitent to get the message across.

For the most part, those who read the articles are going to be the potential clients of the company. They simply need to know the basics of how the product or service works and that it is effective. They are not interested in the intricate studies done on increasing the efficacy of the product.

Of course, it is not necessarily the marketing companies in Johannesburg that are overcomplicating their writing. Their clients may request that they write in this manner. This is when a little tact is called for on the part of the marketing companies in Johannesburg.

A lot of tact is called for to avoid offending and potentially losing the client. A good option would be to conduct a survey using a selection of individuals who would match the client’s prospective customer profile. The idea would be to present them with two versions of the same text, one written as the client prefers and one written more simply, and find out which is more convincing and which is more understandable.

Effective communication is about making the maximum number of individuals understand your text. The simplest way is to always keep it simple!