Enterprise Marketing and Content Trends

When it comes to keeping abreast with buyers behaviours and trends, companies need to incorporate enterprise marketing to meet current and future needs of their customers. Marketers need to be clued up with regards to the different channels used by their audiences. Internet marketing, social media marketing and mobile marketing are the three avenues which should be concentrated on in order to reach a larger percentage of a company’s target audience.

The latest studies reveal that enterprise marketers are using more content marketing tactics than ever before. Ninety-five percent of marketers are using content marketing to get their message across. The reason why marketers are focusing more on content is because how people use the internet and the information they search for online is different.

Audiences are largely becoming desensitised to advertising but are taking a keener interest in reading stories. Whether these are case studies, research reports, in-person events, videocasts, podcasts or webinars, people are looking for information that will either help them, increase their knowledge or help them make better buying decisions.

Content marketing is about developing useful articles which will benefit your intended target audience. This is turn will give them more confidence in your brand as you prove yourself to be ‘experts’ on all topics relating to your product.

Content marketing has now become a two way communication. Social media and comment sections under blog or article posts allows the audience members to have a conversation with your company. It is for this reason that companies need to be transparent when interacting with its audience members and also why they need to more carefully monitor the conversations taking place on their sites.

The biggest challenge in enterprise marketing however is producing content that engages their audience members. Remember unless the piece is helpful and engaging audience member will not read further than the heading or the first paragraph and if that is the case then money is being wasted. If your company does not have content producers you may want to think about outsourcing the content writing to another company or independent contractor.  Public relations agencies have become providers of such content as they are usually close to their clients, and understand their messages and objectives.