Marketing And Public Relations and How To Build A Strong Brand

When it comes to building a strong brand a companies marketing and public relations departments need to work together like a well oiled machine. Marketing and public relations are two aspects of a business which if not considered carefully will never be able to produce the results of building a strong brand for any company. This article explains how the two sectors work together to form a strong brand.

Marketing Department

Your marketing department is responsible for taking your product and marketing it to your public. This means focusing on the marketing aspects such as product, price, place and promotion. Carefully your marketing team will come into agreement as to the best marketing mix for your intended target audience. They study the buying behaviours of your target market and design a marketing plan to make your product appealing to this sector of the market. Your public relations and advertising will also fall under the department of marketing.

Public Relations

To the layman, marketing and public relations may seem like the same thing. If marketing is about finding out the best way to sell a product, then public relations is about relating the benefits of the product to specific a specific public. Unlike with advertising, public relations is not about hard selling. It is about having a conversation about the company and its products. Examples of public relations will be the announcement of your product launch on social media platforms, in a print article, a radio interview or a press conference held to relay some type of information. It is about writing newsworthy pieces and then giving that message to the public.

Unlike with advertising, public relations is not solely about ‘selling’ a product; public relations is also about crisis management. Should some sort of problem occur with your product or in your business which reflects your business in a negative light to the general public, your public relations team will need to design a message which tries to limit the amount of damage which has been done to the company image. So you can say that your public relations department is the voice of the company.