B2B Marketing and Social Media

Social media is one of the quickest ways people communicate while online. With over a third of the United States involved in at least one social media website, advertisers everywhere are starting to take advantage of these large audiences. Social media, however, can be used for more than just product placement and connection to potential clients. These powerful websites can help you make connections you never thought possible.

One website, Linked-In, is targeted specifically to business professionals. Simply signing up for the website can help you grow your network of connections for B2B marketing. Quick updates and sharing statuses can help people find like-minded individuals and connect with colleagues. The website also has the benefit of having an online, searchable resume. This allows potential partners to find you when they need your help, even if you don’t personally know them. During a face-to-face networking event, offering to add someone to your network can help you leave a lasting impression.

Social media also allows people to show off their best qualities. When working in a B2B market, it is important to remember the rules of branding. In B2B marketing, you are the brand. This means that you must appear to be an authority in your field and an upstanding member of the community in order to receive connections. Creating blog posts and statuses that show off one’s expertise can help one seem knowledgeable and thus lead to more people wanting to connect with them.

Community contributions through social media are especially important on niche websites. A niche website deals with a highly specific field or topic. These tend to be smaller communities, so contributing to site or page development, replying to statuses and posting interesting topics can go a long way in terms of B2B marketing. People enjoy working with people who know about their industry and are passionate about it and social media is an excellent way to show off both of these features.