Maximising your Business To Business Advertising to Get Results

Business-to- business advertising usually complements a strong Public Relations strategy, and often plays a supportive role by creating brand awareness using targetted media platforms. First and foremost is the communications’ strategy which addresses the role advertising should play in the market mix, dependent on the available budget. In today’s market, the role of online advertising has become increasingly effective, so when planning, both online and print media should be considered.

It’s important to develop a media strategy for business to business advertising, and then place your bookings for 6 months to a year to leverage best rates with the media houses. Ad hoc and reactive advertising should not be the core strategy, but rather the contingency to accommodate sudden changes, new opportunities etc.

Online advertising on key industry portals can take the form of an infomercial, a banner, a sponsorship, as well as a press office. There are also options to advertise on mobi and iPad versions of the website. Remember that with online advertising, you can measure the response, so make sure you provide tacking codes in your digital business to business advertising, and also links to your own website, so you can measure the response and traffic.

Press offices, althought officially in the domain of public relations, are also a very useful editorial tool to ensure your press release get published to compliment your business to business advertising on relevant websites or portals. You usually pay the website or portal a fee for the year to publish a certain amount of press releases. Many successful portals operate in this manner as it provides them with a solid income stream.

Your press releases can tell an interesting story while your banners are short and snappy and quick reads, a lot like a bill board.

Street pole and billboard advertising in very strategy positions that reach your target market might also be an effective tool in business to business advertising. But remember, that this form of advertising is very costly, so you must ensure that it is strategically the right thing to do and that you have sufficient budget,. Don’t blow most of your business to business advertising budget on one billboard unless you are guaranteed to get results.