Four Social Media Tips from an Online Advertising Agency

An online advertising agency will use social media to grow your client base and attract more potential clients to your audience. As such it is vital that you understand your audience and find your own voice in the multitudes. Here are four tips to help you make your social media campaign successful.

A Single Voice

As any online advertising agency will know, there are many different social media channels to use. It is important to present a single personality across all the platforms that you intend on using. In order to find this voice you have to ask a few basic questions. Who do you want to reach? Who are the ones following you? What are the metrics telling you? What or who do you want to be when you write? If you do not define a voice for your company on the social media networks, those who post the communications will simply post as they feel most comfortable – as themselves. It is a good idea to actually define a detailed personality for your social media persona.

Keep it simple

It is tempting for an online advertising agency to try to reach the audience and impress the audience by sounding intelligent. While you need to know what you are talking about and posting, it needs to be done in such a way that it appeals to search engines and is accessible to your audience. The content that your online advertising agency posts should be varied, it should be written in both first and third person, the paragraphs should be short, it should be conversational. All of this is key to engaging with and interacting with your audience.

Readers like lists

It has been found by more than one online advertising agency that readers like to read lists of various kinds. They are more inclined to click through to articles that include numbers and tips in their headlines. Another popular piece of content is videos. Many people would rather watch a video on a topic than read an article.

The same story told differently

You do not need to struggle to find content. Your online advertising agency can rewrite the same story a number of times and simply post the content differently. There could be a video, a news story and a blog post all on the same story and it will attract different readers and a wider audience.