5 Ways PR and Communications cCan uUse LinkedIn

LinkedIn could be described as Facebook for businesses. It is a great tool for networking and job hunting and is often underestimated when it comes to promoting a business. Here are five tips for PR and communications professinals to use LinkedIn to their best advantage.

Providing original content

Sharing posts which have been popular on Facebook or Twitter can help to establish your company as an authority in your industry. In PR and communications, this means that other business owners will consider you first when looking for your particular product or service.


Participating in discussions that are relevant to your industry in an intelligent manner is a great way to demonstrate that your company does know what it is doing.

Behind the scenes

No one wants to deal with just another company. Stand out from the crowd by telling others in your social circle on LinkedIn about what makes your company unique. PR and communications professionals can use this to attract business partners who are looking for something a little different.

Be active

It is important for your PR and communications team to take an active part in the discussions that are happening in your industry. Being active will show that you really care and are not just doing it for the publicity.

Reach out

If your PR and communications team finds an individual who is interesting, whether it is a potential client or a potential employee, introduce yourself. Simply try to create a relationship without pushing your company too much. It also does not hurt to ask for recommendations from current clients. LinkedIn can be a great source of word of mouth marketing. Do not put too much pressure on your clients though as this can push them away.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool if it is used correctly. Treat the system and network as if it were a network of business partners. Give referrals and ask for them in return. Reach out and share your knowledge. You will be remembered for it and others will be more likely to engage your services because of it.